Commercial Appraisal

Commercial Appraisal Services

Our commercial appraisal and consulting team is comprised of 11 appraisers knowledgeable in all areas of commercial real estate including land, subdivisions, apartment buildings and condominiums, office buildings, retail, shopping centers, lodging, industrial, institutional, and special use properties. The geographical area we serve for commercial services includes all counties of North Carolina and southern portions of Virginia.

Commercial services by McNairy & Associates:

Mortgage lending purposes, Estate planning & settlements.

Tax assessments and appeals of assessments.

Negotiation between buyers and sellers.

Eminent domain/Condemnation; Government acquisition of private property for public use.

Business mergers or dissolution’s.

Dispute resolution: divorce, estate, property partition, foreclosures, zoning.

Feasibility Studies, Rent Survey, Lease negotiations, Appraisal Review, Consultation, Expert witness testimony.

Capitalization and Discount Rate Analysis, Cost Analysis, Property Inspection, Data compilation, Public compilation.

Public Records Search.